My name is Adam Smith. I’m a 6th grade math, science, language arts, and ukulele teacher at Hood River Middle School. When I was young my mom would read to me from the National Geographic: the photographs, maps, and stories entranced me. From an early age it was clear to me that the world is big, curious, outstanding, and worth exploring! It’s this curiosity that led me to teaching, and to apply for the National Geographic Grosvenor Teacher Fellow Program (GTF). This program is a professional development opportunity made possible by a partnership between National Geographic Education and Lindblad Expeditions. The program honors educators with a commitment to geographic education and is designed to give K-12 formal and informal educators from around the United States and Canada an opportunity to be actively engaged in bringing geographic awareness to out students through an immersive, field-based experiences. Out of 1300 applicants 25 were selected, myself included. So I packed my bags and headed to the Arctic! Our ship, The National Geographic Explorer, will explore the archipelago of islands in the Arctic Ocean known as Svalbard. In addition to looking for the emblematic polar bear two other teachers, approximately 140 guests, and a spectacular crew will be exploring the nuances of this place: the wildlife, the geologic history, the human story, and the impacts of climate change, in order to better understand this part of the planet.

Standing on the bow of the ship in front of Austfonna, the world's 3rd largest ice cap.

Standing on the bow of the ship in front of Austfonna, the world’s 3rd largest ice cap.


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